For Whom The Sell Tolls.

For Whom The Sell Tolls.

This is a new and hopefully re-ocurring column that is in the same vein of weird stories you see in local and state magazine and newspaper back pages that always make for a good chuckle. So, here is our take on the weird and odd things people sell on the digital wasteland that is Craigslist along with a little commentary. Enjoy.


The Abstinence Couch


The cowing dog darting away makes one wonder what horrors it may have seen on the sex free couch.



Dying to Get Out


Please be serious about this tombstone. Great for kitchen remodels or bathroom shower siding.



Editor Needed


Or is this an ad from SNL’s Bryan Fellows. That cat is looking at me weird!



The Motherlode!



Actually wishing I could get this to relive Saturday nights of Ball Room Blitz. Location fail.





What a tangled hairball we weave.



Cue The Omen Music


… and was never heard from ever again.



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